Overdrive will increase attack speed in mu

  • "Overdrive" will increase attack speed once putting with weapon skills, facultative for fast battle. "Reversed Rage" momentarily enlarges the Blader, that drastically will increase GHB mu zen horsepower. among this state, you're progressing to conjointly recover any MP.

    "Fray" attributes a passive impact that reduces the extent of harm received right once taking the primary hit, creating your defense rather more robust. "Sweep" spins the weapon as you advance, and it may be used up to 5 occasions before it's to recharge (the talent is charged once every four seconds).

    Lastly, "Breakthrough" grants increased  movement speed once the "Leap Attack" and "Charge" skills square measure applied, that is sort of helpful once exploring dungeons. "Infinite Charge" reduces the cooldown of "Leap Attack" and "Charge" by five hundredth for seven seconds, supplying you with nice positive aspects in battle.BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/Golds here now... come to playerhot for more cheap mu legend zen. great!