MU Legend Presents The Maps And Dungeon System

  • MU Legend Presents The Maps And Dungeon System Of MU Continent
    Webzen gives us a good overview of the maps together with the complete list of Dungeons that will be available on the cheap mu zen Open Beta launch on November 7th.
    The last player invasion in the universe of MU Legend was on September 23 in the stress test. At that time and for the test to have enough technical information, only one was available a partial percentage of the MU Continent.

    Even with this restriction of areas, thousands of fans fond of MU Legend have expressed the great enthusiasm of being part of this adventure.
    With the launch of the Beta open, a much larger world map will be available.
    Venturing into a new world of an MMO ARPG is part of the magic of a game and is fulfilled by the immense continent of mu legend zen . To prepare each player, the MU Legend website has launched a series of guides dedicated to the regions and landscapes of this world. Thus, exploration will lead players through three huge territories: "Enova", "Duelden", "Litenberg" and the big merchant city of "Ordhor". BY here now... well done, so thanks, great!